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NameGUAN Jun

Title Professor

CourseBusiness Strategy



Personal Statement

Extraverted and self-motivated, with true love of education, GUAN Jun is always willing to be surrounded by youngsters, proven to be equipped with great agreeableness to students. Being of conscientiousness, He likes to see every task and requirement to be met as required, with also a very good understanding of the nature and essence of higher education. Not only is he very familiar with academic affairs and worships it as what higher education is and does, but he is also able to carry out the academic missions and foster the success of students. He has always been devoted to management science, believing it to be the impetus of social development, and is willing and ready to help others to build up relevant abilities. Moreover, he is open to experience, believing that innovation is the everlasting ongoing materializing process of education.

教育背景: 北京外国语大学|best365·体育官网登录入口,学士学位



Education background:  Beijing Foreign Studies University. B.A.

                                        Central China Normal University. M.A.

                                        Wuhan University of Technology. Ph.D.





1. Secretary General of Chinese Society for Management Science & Engineering;

2. Standing Member of Academic Committee of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China;

3. Member of Chinese Association of Technical Economics

主要研究方向: 复杂社会网络、风险控制

Research Direction

1. social complex network

2. risk analysis and control

研究成果与奖励: 北京市高等教育教学成果奖,二等奖,2012



1. Second Prize of Higher Education of Beijing Municipality, 2012;

2. Third Prize of Science & Technology Development of Beijing Municipality, 2012

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