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Name: PENG Rui

Title: Associate Professor, doctoral supervisor

Course: introduction to economics


个人简介: 2012年1月进入北京科技大学|best365·体育官网登录入口经济管理学院|best365·体育官网登录入口,2014年7月破格晋升为副教授, 2018年11月入选北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口高层次引进优秀人才, 并加入北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口经济与管理学院|best365·体育官网登录入口。主要研究领域为系统风险评估与结构优化。主持或参与6项国家自然科学基金。

Personal profile: PENG Rui entered the school of economics and management of University of science and technology Beijing in January 2012, was promoted as an associate professor in July 2014, was selected as a high-level talent of Beijing University of technology in November 2018, and joined the school of economics and management of Beijing University of technology. The main research fields are system risk assessment and structure optimization. Presided over or participated in 6 National Natural Science Funds.

教育背景:2007年8月-2011年10月 新加坡国立大学|best365·体育官网登录入口工业与系统工程系 工学博士
      2003年9月-2007年7月  中国科学技术大学|best365·体育官网登录入口少年班 理学学士

Education background:

From August 2007 to October 2011, doctor of engineering, Department of industry and systems engineering, National University of Singapore

From September 2003 to July 2007, Bachelor of science, SCGY, University of science and technology of China

任职情况:可靠性旗帜期刊Reliability Engineering & System Safety的编委, IEEE senior member, 中国运筹法与统筹法学会工业工程分会常务理事, 中国运筹学会可靠性分会理事。

Position: editorial board member of Reliability Engineering & system safety, IEEE senior member, executive director of industrial engineering branch of China operation research and coordination society, and director of reliability branch of China operation research society.


Research direction: digital economy and big data analysis, energy economy and sustainable development, risk assessment and optimization


Project under research: reliability research of complex multistage system with warm standby elements, general program of NSFC (71671016), starting and ending from January 2017 to December 2020


Honors: 74 SCI journal papers have been published, and a monograph has been published in Springer press as the first author, and has been selected as one of the highly cited scholars of Elsevier China in 2018.

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