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课程:College English 2-Listening, College English 4-Writing


Name: JIANG Wangmeng


Courses: College English 2-Listening, College English 4-Writing


英国牛津大学|best365·体育官网登录入口      访问学者(西班牙校方公派)  现代语言学    2018/04-2018/06

                                         学术顾问:Katrin Kohl 教授

      所在课题组:Creative Multilingualism: The Creative Power of Metaphor

西班牙拉里奥哈大学|best365·体育官网登录入口   博士(西班牙校方全奖)  英语语言学  2015/07-2019/06


              博导:Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza Ibanez 教授

              联合博导:Maria Asuncion Barreras Gomez 博士

英国伯明翰大学|best365·体育官网登录入口     硕士(优等)    应用语言学    2013/09-2014/12

硕导:Jeannette Littlemore 教授


葡萄牙雷利亚理工学院|best365·体育官网登录入口  公派交换生     2010/07-2010/08

北京语言大学|best365·体育官网登录入口       本科    英语   2009/09-2013/07


Education background:

University of La Rioja, Spain

PhD in English Linguistics (full scholarship) 2019

Thesis (awarded with Distinction): A cognitive study of English and Chinese change-of-state constructions and its pedagogical grammar implementation

Supervisor: Prof. Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez

Co-supervisor: Dr. Maria Asuncion Barreras Gomez

University of Oxford, UK

Visiting doctoral student (funded by UoLR Spain) 2018

Academic mentor: Prof. Katrin Kohl

Project: Creative Multilingualism: The Creative Power of Metaphor

University of Birmingham, UK

M.A. (with Merit) in Applied Linguistics   2014

Thesis (awarded with Distinction): L2 acquisition of English idioms by Chinese EFL learners: A cognitive linguistic approach

Supervisor: Prof. Jeannette Littlemore

Beijing Language and Culture University, China  B.A. in English  2013

Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal  Exchange student sponsored by BLCU  2010


北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口        外国语学院|best365·体育官网登录入口英语讲师      2019/09-

西班牙拉里奥哈大学|best365·体育官网登录入口    研究员           2017/09-2019/07

英国伯明翰大学|best365·体育官网登录入口       助理研究员         2016/07-2016/10

Academic appointments:

Lecturer             Beijing University of Technology   2019-present

Investigator          University of La Rioja, Spain       2017-2016

Research Assistant    University of Birmingham, UK      2016


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