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1995.4-1998.3日本大阪府立大学|best365·体育官网登录入口综合科学研究科跨文化交际方向  硕士学位


现任北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口都柏林林学院|best365·体育官网登录入口党委副书记,院长;外国语言文学硕士生导师;北京市政府督学。兼任北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口校级英语、日语口译和笔译工作20余年,兼任《北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口学报》(自然科学版)英文摘要译审, 北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口学术委员会委员。曾分别获北京市教育教学成果一等奖(2/15)、二等奖(2/5)各一项;先后荣获北京市师德先进个人称号; 中国高等教育学会引进国外智力工作分会“卓越贡献奖”;北京工业大学|best365·体育官网登录入口优秀硕士论文指导教师奖,“外研社”全国英语演讲比赛等指导教师省部级奖五项。研究方向主要为: 中外合作办学、大学|best365·体育官网登录入口国际化,、跨文化交际与管理。曾主持省部级、校级研究课题十余项,发表相关领域研究论文近30篇; 出版译著两部。

Prof. Wu Wenying (Wenny)

Wenying WU, Professor and Principal of Beijing-Dublin International College. She received her Bachelor of Art form the English Department of Anhui University in 1989, and her Master's Degree of Art, focused on Intercultural Communication study, form the Faculty of General Science of Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan in 1994. She has been long engaged in the profession of International Exchange and Cooperation, and has abundant experiences in promoting the internationalization of Higher Education. She was a visiting scholar at Zuyd University, Holland and Nante University, France respectively in 2000 and 2014.

Her research interest centers on Education of Sino-Joint Running Programs, Intercultural Communication and Management, and Internationalization of Higher Education. More than 30 academic papers have been published in the above mentioned fields, and 2 of books of her translation have been published as well.

She has won many awards and honors in her professional career. She was awarded the 2nd Price of Beijing Municipal Achievement of Education and Teaching in 2013, and the 1st Price of BJUT Achievement of Education and teaching. She was also awarded the Title of Professional Integrity of Teachers by Beijing Municipal Government in 2014. Two Master's Degree thesis supervised by her won the BJUT Excellence Master's Thesis respectively in 2015 and 2016 thereby she was awarded the title of“Excellent Supervisors.”

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