An Art Deco diamond and gem-set brooch. Set with antique cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and hand carved petal shaped amethysts, mounted in platinum. #ArtDeco #brooch ♥•♥•♥

Ruby Brooches
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Ruby Brooches 1960s Jomaz Faux-Ruby Brooch Art Deco Carved Sapphire Diamond Jabot Pin Brooch Ruby Brooch Necklace Set
Natural Diamond Ruby Brooch/Pendant Gemstone 18K by…1960s Jomaz Faux-Ruby Brooch Glorious 1.55 Diamond Victorian Wedding Brooch/Pendant 14K… Art Nouveau Griffin Pin, Antique 14k Gold & Ruby Brooch… Vintage M. Buccellati 18k Gold Nephrite Ruby Brooch

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