Not crazy about the colors but I like how this looks!! Engagement ring, Floral Engagement Ring, Leaf Engagement Ring, Blue Engagement Ring, Tanzanite Diamond Ring, Gold Tanzanite Ring

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Diamond Gemstones Quick glance at different ways for accent gems to be set on any ring Diamond Size Chart More Between Heart & Diamond on Behance More When the choice is size or beauty, Tiffany diamond cutters always choose beauty. #TiffanyPinterest #TiffanyWeddings

When rays of light penetrate the sea, graduating hues are revealed as captured in this stunning bracelet of sapphires and diamonds.Diamond Size Chart More The 12.04-carat, round brilliant-cut “Martian Pink” diamond is certified by the GIA as a 12.04 carat diamond, fancy intense pink, natural color, VS1 clarity stone, with a supplementary report also from GIA, stating that the diamond is a pure type IIa, with virtually no nitrogen in its crystal structure. It sold for 17.4 million dollars at auction in Hong Kong on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. How to choose the #perfect #diamond – #Infographic Sothebys internally flawless, ultimate emerald-cut diamond, 100.2 carats Fancy Colored Diamonds